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Vanity Top Installation

Before the vanity top is installed, make certain that all applicable plumbing and electrical work (if any) has been completed.  See Vanity Faucet Install to see which plumbing should be done before the top is installed and which should be done after top is installed. 

When placing the top on the vanity cabinet, be certain the top sits level and flat - this assumes the cabinet was leveled when it was installed.  If the top is cultured marble and is "warped" (there are many legitimate reasons for it to be warped), a heat gun may be needed to soften the top.  Then place a weight on the top overnight (a 3 1/2 gallon bucket of water or other weight).  Be certain to place a tarp or some other protection on the top to keep from damaging the surface.  Also remember that heat guns can get very hot and damage or burn surfaces, so exercise good judgement.

The top should be set in place with a few dabs of silicone caulk but not an excessive amount in case the top needs to be removed in the future.  Side splashes (if used) should also be set in silicone caulk.  Silicone caulk should be 100% silicone only and not the water clean-up type.  If you are not experienced in caulking, get a cardboard box and practice caulking in the corners.

Finally, run the vanity faucets for a few minutes to be certain there are no leaks in the drain or supply lines.  Check the sink stoppers for correct operation.  If adjustments or corrections are needed, this is the time to do them.  If the vanity has drawers, make certain they are operating properly.